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Sichuan AISHIPAIER New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. (Abbreviation:AISHIPAIER),The predecessor is:Chengdu XHHC Biotechnology Co., Ltd. .was established in 2007 and is a professional manufacturer of ice wraps, cold and hot packs, instant ice packs, hand warmers, gel masks, ice boxes, bottle coolers and other related products. Over 50 staff members in finance, purchasing, development, marketing, production and quality control strive to ensure that we produce innovative and in demand healthcare products and cold storage items.

Our factory is able to produce 50,000 ice packs daily and utilizes such advanced equipment as frequency machines, pouring machines, vacuuming machines, sealing machines, mixer machines, packaging machines, pressure testing machines, and water processing systems. Now we export our internationally certified products to customers in America, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, England, Italy, Sweden, Japan, and Singapore.

We had begun the research of Cold Chain for offering more efficient service to our clients and expanding the market in December 2010. We can offer Cold Chain Logistics Serve in whole transportation, including developing special ice packs, special transport cases and special ice boxes for Cold Chain, storing up goods in a certain temperature, packing for keeping a certain temperature, delivering in a certain temperature, researching the technology of keeping cold, making the plan of packing, testing the temperature, consulting and other value added services.

From 2015 our all products have traceable system, from the material inlet, production date, expiry date, batch no. etc, all these information are concentrated in a bar code. This bar code can also improved the logistics management and avoid counterfeit risk.

Up to now, we have get all the certification such as:SGS,Reach,Rohs, etc, our products exported to USA, EU, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, etc.

The secret behind our success: a well balanced blend of pioneering spirit, uncompromising quality and global distribution.

We welcome you to contact us for further details. We are glad to accept OEM orders and will design products to meet your exact specifications. We look forward to collaborating with you in the near future!

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