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All are past and gone! For truly great men, Look to this age alone.If you are learning to return, fruitful, and would like to guide the country; If you're working hard and have big dreams, and want to be rewarded; If you have the skills, the passion, the desire to win the market; If you're standing on a shore and you're confident, you want to change the world!——Here is the stage for you to play and enjoyI need your eyes as sharp as eagles, your mind as wide as the sea, and your passion as hot as the lava of a volcanoWe are not afraid that your thoughts are as unreachable as Greek mythology, your desires as hungry as mosquitoesSo, dare to come and join us!


Job title: MerchandiserMerchandiser assistantTrading assistantBack office force.


Job Responsibilities:

1. Maintained the cooperative relationship with old customers, took charge of the normal progress of customer sales, and actively cooperated with old customers to develop new products;

2. Responsible for accomplishing the performance target assigned by the company;

3. Receive orders from customers according to company procedures, confirm orders and follow up until finished products are delivered;

4. Responsible for confirming, tracking and delivering customer samples, arranging orders and delivery plan;

5. Follow up the production schedule of the customer order; Timely and accurately arrange the delivery and track the delivery time;

6. Responsible for dealing with customer complaints, and timely feedback the complaints to the department head and related personnel in the quality department;

7. Answer questions to customers according to their orders, and timely deliver the company's policies and systems to customers;

8. Organize and submit internal documents, including updating sales records and forms, making statistics and setting performance targets;

9. Follow up a series of process from order placing to shipment, collect payment timely;

10. Complete other tasks assigned by superior.



1. Major in English or International Trade, more than one year working experience in foreign trade business, CET 6 or above;

2. Understand the policies and regulations related to foreign trade and economic cooperation; Familiar with commodity inspection, customs, transportation, insurance, business negotiation and other professional knowledge;

3. Good communication and coordination skills, proactive attitude.

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