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Customized carbomer

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Special carbomer is widely used in the field of aviation, electric power, oil and so on......

 Basic properties:
The product is a kind of acrylic polymer with polyenyl ether crosslinking, has strong hygroabsorbability and certain acidity (because of containing carboxyl group), it can be neutralized with alkaline substances, form a high transparent gel, and also has high viscosity.When used at low doses, kapo resin can be thickened independently of temperature, and some insoluble additives (particles, oil droplets, etc.) can be permanently suspended.
Carbomer is soluble in water and alcohol and has good gel, adhesion and film forming properties.

Features and benefits:
  • Short rheology
  • High viscosity
  • High definition
  • Good suspension stability
  • Good temperature resistance


1.  Neutralization&Thickening

Usually neutralized as a salt, carbomer thickens the coiled molecules by spreading their electrical repulsion. Sodium hydroxide and triethanolamine are commonly used neutralizers, which is why carbomer is sensitive to ions.

2. Hydrogen bonding thickening

When the carbomer molecule as a carboxyl donor,it can be thickened by combining with one or more hydroxyl groups to form hydrogen bonds, this neutralization method takes time. The hydroxyl donors commonly used are non-ionic surfactants, polyols, etc.

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