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Carbomer 976

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Basic properties:
Carbomer 976 is a crosslinked acrylic polymer. The polymer has short rheological properties and relatively high viscosity.The product is widely used in transparent gels and creams and other systems, and can form crystal transparent water or water alcohol gels.It is especially suitable for exfoliating horny gel, rubbing mud paste and other fields.

Features and benefits:
  • High thickening efficiency. It can be used to develop economical and efficient formulations.
  • High thickening, suspension and stability properties
  • Suspability and stability of insoluble substances and particles

  • Exfoliating gel
  • Body scrub
  • Moisturizing gel
  • Hand,body and facial lotion

Usage and dosage:
The recommended usage is 0.2~1.5 wt%. When used, the polymer should first be evenly dispersed in the medium during the stirring process without clumping, and finally it should be fully stirred to disperse. When pH is 7.0~10, the polymer has ideal thickening property. When the product is neutralized, high speed shearing or stirring should be avoided to reduce viscosity loss.

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