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Carbomer 940

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 Basic properties:

Carbomer 940 is a white loose powder with short rheological properties, high viscosity, high transparency, low ion resistance and low shear resistance. It is effective in thickening all types of solutions. It is suitable for thickening, suspension and emulsification in the formulation of cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.

Using TipsAfter carbomer completely dissolves water, it needs to add alkaline substances to neutralize to achieve good results, such as triethanolamine, sodium hydroxide and so on.

  • It has the function of thickening, suspending and stabilizing
  • Short rheological 
  • High transparency
  • The viscosity of Carbomer resin is not affected by temperature
  • Topical delivery system, crystallizing gel, water or alcohol solvent


  • Skin lotion or cream
  • Transparent gel products containing ethanol
  • Clear skin gel and hair styling gel
  • Shower gel
  • Body scrub

Suggested usage:
  • 0.2-1.5%

Packing and Storage:

20kg/ box, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Product Index

 Test Item



Fluffy and moist white powder with a slight odour, 1% dispersed in water with a pH of 3.


When dissolved in water, alcohol, or glycerol, it can be neutralized in an alkaline solution of hydroxides or amines.

Viscosity(mPa·s)0.5% aqueous solution


Dehydration weight loss rateOne hour at 8℃


Heavy metal


The content of benzene


The content of carboxylic acid groups


method of identification

1. The neutralized dispersion is gelatinous.

2. A 1% dispersion was used to react with a thymol blue solution to appear orange.

3. A 1% dispersion reacts with a cresol red liquid to appear yellow.


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