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Carbomer 941

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 Basic properties:

Acrypol 941 is a white, loose powder that provides long duration emulsification and suspension in low viscosity conditions, even in ionic or relative ionic systems. It is more effective at low concentrations than other types of Carbomer. The gel has good resolution. It is used as an emulsion stabilizer in the cosmetic industry, as an adhesive in solid pharmaceutical formulations, and as a sustained-release agent in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Styling gel, water alcohol gel, moisturizing gel
  • Skin lotion or cream
  • Shower gel
  • Shaving gel


  • After the Carbomer is neutralized, persistent agitation or high shear agitation will cause viscosity loss.
  • The presence of electrolyte will reduce the thickening efficiency of Carbomer.
  • Long-term ultraviolet irradiation will reduce the viscosity of Carbomer.

Packing and Storage:
20kg/ box, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Product index

 Test Item



Fluffy and moist white powder with a slight odour, 1% dispersed in water with a pH of 3.


When dissolved in water, alcohol, or glycerol, it can be neutralized in an alkaline solution of hydroxides or amines.

Viscosity(mPa·s)(0.5% aqueous solution


Dehydration weight loss rate(One hour at 8℃


Heavy metal


The content of benzene


The content of carboxylic acid groups


method of identification:

1. The neutralized dispersion is gelatinous.

2. A 1% dispersion was used to react with a thymol blue solution to appear orange.

3. A 1% dispersion reacts with a cresol red liquid to appear yellow.

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