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Carbomer 2020

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Basic properties

Carbomer 2020 is a white, loose powder with high thickening properties, high transparency, medium viscosity, excellent suspension, easy dispersionhigh ion resistance and shear resistance.

It gets wetted very quicklyIt has high electrolyte resistance, high transparency and is suitable for formulations containing certain surfactant.

It is specially designed for thickening of surfactant systems. This "easily dispersed" cross-linked polyacrylate copolymer is processed in a cosolvent system with toxicological advantages, resulting in excellent thickening efficiency, suspension capacity, long viscous flow properties, and crystal transparency in the gel system. Because of the low viscosity of the dispersion before neutralization, it is designed to reduce the effect of caking on the dispersion in water and to make it easier to pump and handle. Therefore, it is easier to prepare aqueous dispersion of Carbomer 2020 in the case of high polymer solid content.

Suggested applications:

Transparent gel, water alcohol gel, surfactant system (special shampoos, cleaning products, etc), a system with high electrolyte content (Aloe vera gel),etc.

Using TipsAfter carbomer completely dissolves water, it needs to add alkaline substances to neutralize to achieve good results, such as triethanolamine, sodium hydroxide and so on.


· Skin lotion or cream

· Clear skin gel and hair styling gel

· Shower gel

· Body scrub

Suggested usage

· 0.2-1.5%

Packing and Storage
20kg/ box, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Product index

 Test Item



A fluffy white powder that is easily wet



Viscosity(mPa·s)1% aqueous solutionPh5.8-6.320r/min25


Viscosity(mPa·s)1% aqueous solutionPh7.3-7.8, 20r/min25


Dehydration weight loss rateOne hour at 8


Heavy metal(mg/kg)Pb+As+Hg+Sb)


Residual solvent content

Ethyl acetate+Cyclohexane0.5%

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